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Deploy enterprise quality management software to unleash quality

Quality management in ERPNext enables adequate monitoring of team performance and is intended to support the business in maintaining and improving the standard of products and services.

1.Quality Inspection

Enables users to create and manage quality inspection templates for different stages of production or service delivery. These templates specify inspection criteria, checkpoints, and acceptance criteria to ensure that products or services meet predefined quality standards.

2.Quality Assurance Plans

Allows the creation of quality assurance plans outlining the steps and criteria for quality inspections at various stages of the production process or service delivery. These plans help ensure consistency and compliance with quality standards.

3.Attendance Management

Defines specific checkpoints within workflows where quality inspections are required to verify that products or services meet quality requirements. Quality control points help identify and address quality issues early in the process.

4.Workflow Automation

Automates quality management processes and workflows to streamline operations, reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency. Workflow automation includes automated notifications, approvals, and task assignments to ensure timely completion of quality-related activities.

5.Supplier Quality

Provides tools for evaluating and monitoring the quality performance of suppliers. This includes supplier evaluations, audits, and maintaining a database of approved suppliers to ensure that only quality materials and components are used in production.

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