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Frutter Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. offers Frappe Cloud-based ERPNext support solutions for enterprises that require scalability and dependability, while Frappe Enterprises is a service provider that offers ERPNext execution, customization, guidance, and support for all kinds of businesses.

As ERPNext's versatile enterprise solution, Frutter Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides an enterprise solution for medium-sized to large-scale businesses, handling the procedures towards functions such as accounting, project management, human resources, stock, sales, and customer relationship management.

Benefits of ERPNext

Unlocking the Possibilities of ERPNext with Us

Frutter Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. generates a function that develops industries such as healthcare, agriculture, non-profit organizations, and education. Likewise, the modules allow businesses to be more adaptable in their businesses

A centralized platform for all modules

Real-time Data and Reporting

Streamlined Business Process

Cost Savings

Increased efficiency and Productivity

Multilingual Functionality

Features of ERPNext

Unleashing the Features that Accelerate Your Business with Us

ERPNext Software is a full-featured business administration framework that supports organizations in development. Each module is designed to manage a specific company process, and users can modify and configure the system based on their specific requiremen


Production planning tool

Multi-currency support

Management reporting

Why Choose ERPNext?

ERPNext Software is a 100% Open source to elevate your businesses

ERPNext is open-source software across 670 companies relying on its services, 24% of customers are from India. For business transformation, ERPNext appears to be economical, accessible, and customizable. The software is built with a user-friendly interface, making it affordable to users with different levels of technical expertise.

Open Source

Web-Based Interface

Cloud-Based Computing


Integrate Modules for Business Operations

Frutter Sofware Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides modules and features that are adapted to the specific demands of different sectors.

Industry-Based services

Standardize your Business with ERPNext Software

Frutter Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. Offers relevant services to the industry.


Facilitate modification and connection with healthcare-specific applications to fulfill specific needs.


Improve resource management and data analysis for the agricultural industry.


Assists educational institutions in performing administrative responsibilities and provides data security measures.


With the support of ERPNext, NPOs can better serve their communities and causes while concentrating more on their primary objectives.


ERPNext integration in the retail industry can result in streamlined procedures, improved customer service, improved inventory control, and higher efficiency.


ERPNext can be customized and adapted to meet the specific needs of transmission firms in the distribution sector


ERPNext's open-source framework enables modification and expansion, allowing firms to adjust the system to their production processes.

Frutter Software Labs

Support through Frutter Software Labs

We provide L1 assistance for functional concerns, such as resolving straightforward client inquiries. Moreover, it offers clients personalized L2 services, which include services with product-related issues or warranty claims.


Support Integration with Frappeverse

Reference link for companies around the world - We integrate with the frappeverse and provide L2-based services. And often involves extending and maintaining to satisfy company needs

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the dynamic world of ERPNext together. Whether you're a local business in Udumalpet seeking transformation or a global enterprise looking for a trusted ERP partner, we're here for you.