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Keeping tracking your Merchandise with the ERPNext Stock Module

The Stock Management module in ERPNext provides functionalities to efficiently handle the procurement, storage, tracking, and movement of inventory items within an organization.

1.Stock Transactions

ERPNext facilitates various stock transactions such as purchase receipts, purchase invoices, delivery notes, stock transfers, stock entries, and material requisitions. These transactions enable users to record the movement of goods in and out of the inventory.

2.Stock Valuation

The system supports different methods for valuing inventory, including FIFO (First In, First Out), LIFO (Last In, First Out), and weighted average. This helps in accurately calculating the value of inventory on hand and the cost of goods sold.

3.Stock Reordering

Users can set up reorder levels and reorder quantities for each item to automate the procurement process. ERPNext generates alerts or purchase requisitions when stock levels fall below the specified reorder level.

4.Warehouse Management

Users can define multiple warehouses or storage locations where inventory items are stored. They can track stock levels, transfers between warehouses, and perform stock adjustments.

5.Item Management

ERPNext allows users to create and manage a centralized database of inventory items. Each item can be assigned attributes such as name, description, category, unit of measurement, barcode, and more.

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