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Experience the prospect of accurate project security with ERPNext.

The project management module from ERPNext assists businesses with managing projects, task tracking, working hours, and integration with other project-related modules.

1.Project Creation

Users can create projects within ERPNext, defining key parameters such as project name, description, start and end dates, budget, and associated tasks or milestones.

2.Task Management

Projects can be broken down into individual tasks or activities, each with its own timeline, assignees, priority, and dependencies. Users can track the status of tasks, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress in real-time.

3.Time Tracking

ERPNext includes time tracking functionality, allowing team members to log hours spent on individual tasks or projects. This data can be used for payroll processing, client billing, and performance evaluation purposes.

4.Project Reporting

ERPNext offers a variety of standard reports and dashboards to monitor project performance, including project status, budget vs. actuals, resource utilization, and profitability analysis. Users can also create custom reports to meet specific reporting requirements.

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