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ERPNext Provides the ultimate solution for your asset management

Frutter Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides valuable assets owned by an organization with financial worth and the potential for future benefits. ERPNext maintains your assets' entire lifecycle, tracking their locations and depreciation schedules.

1.Asset Management

Users can create and maintain a centralised repository of all assets owned by the organization, including details such as asset name, description, category, location, acquisition date, and cost.

2.Asset Tracking

ERPNext enables users to track the movement and status of assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes recording asset transfers between locations, departments, or individuals, as well as changes in asset condition or maintenance history.

3.Asset Auditing

The module includes features for conducting periodic audits of assets to verify their existence, condition, and compliance with internal controls. Audits can be scheduled manually or automatically based on predefined criteria.

4.Asset Reports

ERPNext offers a variety of standard reports related to asset management, including asset registers, depreciation schedules, maintenance logs, transfer histories, and disposal summaries. Users can also create custom reports to meet specific reporting requirements.

5.Integration with Other Modules

The Asset module seamlessly integrates with other modules within ERPNext, such as Accounting, Purchasing, and Sales. This allows for real-time visibility into asset-related transactions and financial impacts across the organization.

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