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ERPNext precisely synchronizes your Ecommerce enterprise

We at Frutter Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. provide Ecommerce integration, enabling companies to manage online transactions, develop and operate their websites, and integrate with Ecommerce platforms.

1.Payment Gateway

The payment portal integration supports the security of money transfers between clients and the e-commerce site. The integrated payment gateway processes transactions that are initiated on the online store instantly.

2.Product and Inventory

Real-time inventory level integration occurs between the E-Commerce portal and the ERPNext system. Users can synchronize vital product data between the ERPNext system and the e-commerce platform with this module.

3.Data Security and

Security auditing and keeping an eye on questionable activity in system logs are two potential benefits of ERPNext. It entails protecting and verifying data transferred between ERPNext and external systems.

4.Returns and Refunds

The E-Commerce module enables the start of a return request when a customer wants to return an item. Reporting tools for tracking and analyzing return patterns are often included in the e-commerce module.

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