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A Complete and Customizable ERPNext Accounting Solution for your Company

Through the ERPNext Accounting Module, Frutter Software Labs supports businesses by organizing financial transactions, monitoring accounts, and ensuring accurate and transparent financial reporting.

1.Chart of Accounts

Users can create and maintain a chart of accounts tailored to their organization's structure, including various categories such as assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses.

2.General Ledger

ERPNext maintains a general ledger where all financial transactions are recorded and organized. It provides a centralised view of the organization's financial activity and allows users to track balances for each account.

3.Journal Entries

Users can create manual journal entries to record various types of transactions, including accruals, adjustments, and corrections.

4.Accounts Payable

The AP module manages the organization's payables, including invoices from vendors and suppliers. Users can track due dates, make payments, and reconcile accounts with vendor statements.

5.Accounts Receivable

The AR module handles the organization's receivables, including customer invoices and payments. Users can track outstanding invoices, record receipts, and generate aging reports to monitor collections.

6.Financial Reporting

ERPNext offers a variety of standard financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, trial balances, and customizable reports. These reports provide insights into the organization's financial performance and help stakeholders make informed decisions.

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